Windows 98 Review

Wow.... Who in the right mind made this???
Oh... I know... China Pirates.

Now first of all.... What the fuck? why would anyone put Windows 98 on the NES??? I mean, you can't put an ethernet cable into the nintendo and connect to the internet. Nintendo can't play videos, or play MP3s. When you first play this game, it boots up like a regular computer when it says like "BOOT ????? OK ?????? OK" Then it shows you the Windows 98 logo, in Nintendo had some kind of ethernet cable and the ability to do othet things. This company would have made a shit-load of money and a lawsuit from Microsoft. Then you get to the desktop it looks EXACTLY like a desktop, it has "My pictures", "My music", "Internet Explorer", "Windows Update", Etc. Now try clicking on internet explorer, what comes up? Wow look, the website for the chinese company that made this.comes up. Problem is ... you can't so anything else. You can only Minimize, Max, and Close. And look you have programs, they don't do shit. All it does is pop up a screenshot of what the program looks like. Now you can look at pictures, englarge them, turn them, etc. You can listen to music but the only ones availiable are shitty sample music in 8 bit. But whoever made this most likely was just doing this because they were bored. No one will buy this if they already have a computer. I think this game was made for children to learn how to use a computer.

Final Score-
Graphics = 1/5 (There was no originality to this......)
Sound/Music = 2/5 (the MP3 player is kind of cool...."
Storyline = 0/5 (Self Explanitory....)
Gameplay = 5/5 (Tell me other game that has an MP3 player or other programs)


As much as it had a lot of features Windows 98 had, they were stupid for making this in the first place....
1 pixelated Windows Photo edior Heart out of 5.