Super Smash Bros. Brawl Review

One of the Best fighting games of all time. Truly almost the best game for the wii.

Description- Right off the back you are going like, this has to be a good game. It's FREAKING SSB, of course it is but it has a few minor bad things. First of all, The Subspace Emassary is a nice substitute for the Adventure mode. But this is a fighting game, not an RPG. The storyline for the SE will baffle you until you actually complete it, the characters do not speak and you are left up to figure out what the hell is going on. The SE is a great way to unlock a lot of stuff in SBB, but SE is only a minor aspect as to why SSBB is so good. IT HAS ONLINE MODE, sure even though the lag is tedious and you still have to do shit with friend codes but at least you don't have to keep playing the CPU all the time. The gameplay in a competitive way is slowed down compared to melee, the new character roster and all those fun things about brawl makes up for it. But still, melee faggots still have the balls to bash it. I h8 you melee fans. Overall, this game is KICK ASS!


Graphics- 4/5 (3-D yet 2-D gameplay is always cool)
Storyline- 2/5 (This is where SSBB is hurt the most)
Music/Sound- 5/5 (This game is considered to have the best soundtrack in any fighting game, of all time)
Gameplay- 3/5 (Slow compared to melee but still nice)


This game deserves to have 4 golden hearts of love from smash fans out of 5.