Robotrek Review (By Vini)

Platform: SNES
Genre: RPG
Developer: Enix

Robotrek is yet another RPG made by Enix (the creator of another masterpiece called Illusion of Gaia). You're a young boy, son of a famous inventor, who has just moved to the town of Rococo. Upon getting there, you hear about a gang of technological thieves called Hackers. Their goal is unknown, and you are urging to find out what it is with the aid of your first invention - a Robot!

The gameplay is simple yet effective. As you explore the colorful environments, you can use your magnifying lens to find hidden items and examine suspicious places. Upon hit by an enemy, the battle animation starts, and you send out your Robot to fight against them. You can have up to three robots, but only one can fight (you can change robots during battle). You can also equip them with a variety of melee and ranged weapons, such as swords, axes and lasers.
Robotrek offers the player a high level of customization for an RPG. You can choose the color of your Robot and the items to equip it with. When you level up (by collecting 'Meg's, pieces of computer information from enemy androids), you are free to invest 10 points as you like on your robot's stats: Attack (attack power), Guard (defense), Speed (agility, the higher it is, the higher the chance to hit and to dodge), Energy (HP) and Charge (speed, how fast you recharge your attacks). You can also make your own weapons in the R&D rooms through the game (and combine them to make them stronger).

The story starts when you move to Rococo and hear about the Hackers. Some kids from Rococo disappear, and you go look for them in the cave south of the town. You find out that the cave is a secret base of the Hackers, and that's when things start to get interesting. The Hackers are searching for the Tetron, a mystical stone that allows the user to see the future.
Later, the player finds out that there is much more behind the existance of the Tetron... but I wont get into that - dont wanna spoil the surprise!

Graphics and Music
The Graphics are colorful, far from being the best the SNES could do, but still good. The music is also simple yet pleasuring, and both of those elements contribute for making Robotrek a fun game to play (and perhaps a bit spooky... I'll never play through Count's Mansion during night again).

Despite being a fun game, with many comical parts (turning into a rat), Robotrek was poorly translated, with some grammar errors here and there - check out this screenshot I took:
(Yeah, Gateau, they'll will see how much you fail)
Some parts of the game dont make much sense either due to poor translation, but if you overlook it you're bound to have fun with this game.