Pokemon Ranch Review

This isn't even a game.
It doesn't deserve to be called a game at all.

Description- Pokemon Ranch is about a ranch just for pokemon! WOW!!! The whole point of the game is to transfer your pokemon over to your wii ranch and it will make them in 3-D chibi style. Haylee, the ranch owner will give you pokemon if you have a certain amount of pokemon in your ranch. But the pokemon she gives you is only so you can play with them, not for battling. On special days another ranch owner will show you his or her collection of pokemon, but it;s shit because msot of those owners only have a specific type. When you start, you pick however many Ranchers you want. Ranchers are your miis. And that's all, i'm serious, all you do is interact with pokemon in a shitty 3-D enviorment.


Graphics- 1/5 (The only thing that Gamefreak designed was the pokemon chibi's, the rest are by nintendo.)
Storyline- 0/5 (There is no storyline at all!)
Music/Sound- 1/5 (The same music and annoying pokemon sounds repeat over and over and over)
Gameplay- 1/5 (Rip-off of Pokemon Channel)


One poop covered heart out of five.