Kart Fighter Review


This is actually street fighter 2 with mario slapped on it, all they did was replace the sprites. Mario is Ryu, Luigi is Ken, Peach is a chun-li/Cammy Hybrid, Bowser is Zangief. If you were a little kid and liked mario, you would have enjoyed this game. But now... this game is just a bunch of cock and balls. This game on default is hard as hell, so I had to put it on Easy difficulty to see the stages. Now the basic gameplay of this game is exactly like street fighter except it has mario and NES graphics. Not much to say about this game... it's just a generic fighting game with mario characters. Mario and Luigi can do the haduken.... Basic Controls, hit detection works. The only thig wrong with this game is that the music sucks and the sounds are delayed.

Final Score-
Graphics = 3/5 (They are NES graphics....)
Storyline = 1/5 (A storyline about a tournment is wayyyy too overused)
Sound/Music = 1/5 (Delayed.... And annoying)
Gameplay = 4/5 (It plays like Street Fighter.)


2 Fire Haduken Hearts out of 5.