Illusion of Gaia
Platform: SNES
Genre: Action RPG
Developer: Enix

Illusion of Gaia is one of those games that can surprise you. It starts as a simple RPG, and suddenly reveals a great story, filled with references of legendary places from all over the world (the Pyramids, the Great Wall of China, and others).
You are Will, a young boy who lives with his granparents in the South Cape town. Will and his father went to the Tower of Babel to explore it, but only Will came back - and he doesnt remember what happened there; however, since then, Will has shown some mysterious telecinetic power...
With his friends Erik, Lance and Seth and Kara, the princess, Will you travel to exotic places in order to discover what happened to his father.

IoG has some subtle RPG elements, the most notable one being the capacity of raising your HP, Attack or Defense by killing all monsters in a room - there's no exp. However, the battles are very different from classic RPG battles.
Will can do a variety of moves to attack his enemies with his Flute, such as Dashing or Sliding at them. He can also use his telecinesis to move objects and complete puzzles on the dungeons.
To perform those special moves, Will must visit the Dark Spaces, where Gaia, the Earth Spirit, will allow you to save your game and learn the aforementioned techniques. On certain Dark Spaces, Will can change its form: he can become the legendary Dark Knight Freedan, who fights with a sword, or a very mysterious character later in the game. Each of Will's alter-egos has special moves as well, which will be needed to reach certain areas in the game.

IoG is an awesome game. However, its story has a certain level of complexity, and to understand it fully you might have to complete the game more than once (I have completed it 3 times already), but being the great game it is, thats certainly not a Con.




IoG is a game to be enjoyed. Pay attention to the references of the game, and try to collect all the Red Jewels!