Final Fantasy Review

An early failure turned into a big load of success.

Now Final Fantasy was thought to be a failure since this game was released when square was going to go bankrupt. Final Fantasy is what saved Square's company. That is the reason why it is called "Final fantasy" because Square thought it was going to be their last game made. Anyway, onto the review. Final Fantasy is a simple yet excellent RPG made for the NES, also one of the first GOOD turn-based games. The story is about a group of 4 warriors called the "light warriors" who are on a quest to retrieve the 4 elemental crystals. Now I know the whole "group of warriors" thing is over used but it's only because final fantasy was so successful that other companies wanted to be a bunch of wannabes. The system for Final Fantasy is so simple that when I played this when I was very young, I was able to play it. Each time you recover a crystal you have to fight a boss, which is usually the main thing used alot today. The story in final fantasy was so original and creative back then that Final Fantasy sold about 1.99 million copies worldwide by March 2003. That's a shit load.


Graphics- 5/5 (Amazing Graphics for it's time)
Storyline- 5/5 (Storyline is a bit cliched, but when this came out it was new and original)
Music/Sound- 5/5 ( It was made by Nabou what do you expect?)
Gameplay- 5/5 (Turn based was a new thing in 1988)


Square put their soul into this game, I'm sure no one would dis-agree that this game deserves 5 well-earned hearts out of 5.