Cocoto Platform Jumper

The name is as unoriginal as the game itself.


Now Cocoto was originally released for Gamecube and the PS2, but even then; The game was still bad. When you first start this game, you will notice it looks exactly like the GC and PS2 version, Because it's just a lame port. The story starts out as these little bird kidnapp your demonic friends and you have to rescue them. How generic is this? With the help of a fairy (Why is a fairy assisting a demon anyway?) you have to..... Jump. I'm freaking serious, that's all you do. The enemies are easy to defeat all you do is throw a rainbow filled with lava. You can walk on the rainbow for a short period of time of course, but jumping on it breaks it. The platforms are just random shit that form a big giant ass tower. They also stole a bit of a gameplay from Sonic, you collect golden apples (Golden rings sound familiar?) and when you get hit while having golden apples, you lose the apples. If you get hit without any apples, you die. Whoever made this game is very unoriginal. No wonder it sucked on the other consoles, they really shouldn't have ported it to the wii.

Graphics - 3/5 Nothing special
Gameplay - 1/5 Repetitive, Controls are awful
Sound/Music - 0/5 There is no decent music
Storyline - 0/5 Too generic

Final Score-



This games get 1 heart out of 5.    Because this game makes little kids barf.