Barbie Review

This is actually one of my guilty pleasures. xD

Barbie, a blond woman who wants to go to the mall with ken. When the game starts a book appears and it says "ONCE UPON A DREAM" Then barbie says "Wow this is a really great book!" Damn... She only read 4 words and she thinks that a book is good. She must like books more than I do. "Barbie: I love reading about mermaids!" When did it say anything about mermaids? O_o    So after that lame cutscene barbie goes to sleep and dreams about going to the mall with objects trying to kill her. First level is the Sports Store, Enemies include, Tennis Rackets, balls, dildos. Your Main attack is to throw Pet Food in the air, this does nothing to your opponents so you throw the pet food at your pets to make them fight the enemies. Different tags to different things, such as the ribbon allows the animal to attack, the Arrow allows the animal to carry you over to another platform, the treat tag enables the animal to grab a near-by power up and heal you. All of the levels in this game have to do with stores in the mall and they all have something in common. THEY ALL HAVE PINK in it!!  =D


Graphics- 3/5 (This had good graphics for it's time)
Storyline- 1/5 (Dream shit is too over-used)
Music/Sound- 2/5 (Okay sound effects but the music loops forever)
Gameplay- 3/5 (A few minor colosion detection)


With the okay graphics, okay everything else but a shitty storyline.
I'd say Barbie's Blond-ness gets a whooping 2 hearts out of 5.