Action 52 Review

By the cover you are thinking, WOW THIS MIGHT BE A COOL GAME! OMG!
Sorry to break it to you, but this games if just the biggest pile of shit ever.

Action 52 is a multi-cart for the NES with 52 "New and Original games"  by Active Enterprises. Now emphasis on the quotes, On the cover they most likely put the quotes there because they were being sarcastic.  When you first play the game you will notice at the beginning, before the game loads it will say "Lights!" "Camera!" "Action 52" god can this game get any corny. Anyway, in the background fo this opening is a short Clip of Rob Base's Song "It takes two" You know the one that goes...., OH!!!!!    YEAH!!!! OHHHH YEAHH!!!!! That song brings such crappy memories because it was so over used. But overall, this game just sucks. Not because of the opening or any shit like that. THE GAME BARLEY WORKS!!! That's right, this game was NEVER tested and was created by a bunch of young game designers and programmers who just came out of high school.

Games On the cartridge:

Fire Breathers
Star Evil
G-Force Fighters
Silver Sword
Critical Bypass
Jupiter Scope
Operation Full-Moon
Dam Busters
Haunted Halls of Wentworth
Chill Out
French Baker
Atmos Quake
Space Dreams
Bubblegum Rosie
Rocket Jockey
Non Human
Cry Baby
Crazy Shuffle
Fuzz Power
Shooting Gallery
Evil Empire
Storm Over the Desert
Mash Man
They Came...
Lazer League
City of Doom
Bits and Pieces
Beeps and Blips
Manchester Beat
The Boss
Hambo's Adventures
Time Warp Tickers
Ninja Assault
Robbie and the Robots
Action Gamemaster Starring The Cheetahmen
Short Description of a few Games:

Ooze- Active Enterprizes held a $52'000 contest for anyone to get through level 5 in Ooze, but the game resets at level 3 so Active Enterprises were just in shock to how shitty they made this game. Now this is the first platformer game on the cart, you play as a green little kid who shoots bubbles out of his little gun. But there is a MAJOR problem with the game, the jump controls are horrible! You can't just jump like in mario and go forward at the same time. You have to stop moving, Jump, Then press forward to get onto a platform.

Rating - 1/5

Alfredo- This game does not work on the console and can only be played by emulator, but who would want to anyway? In this game, you play as a chef who smashes Donuts with his spatula or pan, I couldn't really tell. but this game is unplayable after the first level and suffers from the same jump engine as from Ooze.

Rating - 0/5
(The game is unplayable and will only last 1 minute)

Bubblegum Rosy- This game would have had potential to be a really great NES game. Good Idea, nice setting, only a few problems. It suffers from the same jumping controls as from Ooze and very unstable glitches, You play as a little girl who kinda looks like barbie or Princess Peach. And your main attack is to shoot Bubble Gum Bubbles and you have to jump past obsticles and enemies, Enemies include birds, Springs, Tear Drops. There is a platform in level 1 that is very difficult to get past, the reason why is because to get on you have to jump up and IMMEDATELY press forward and timing musy be perfect. The second level of this game is to drive Rosy down a Road with Enemies and obsticles but if you die on this stage and start the game over, the game forgets to actually change your sprite so Level 1 of your reseted game is just a bunch of screwed up pixels.

Rating - 1.5/5

Non-Human- The game is really fucked up, you play as some sort of WoW Magician or Mage and you walk through a cave of Demons and demons include mouths, Elton John heads, a Penis, and a floating eye. This game is very short and only has 1 level before sending you back to the beginning of the stage.

Rating - 1/5

Micro-Mike- This game proves that games can be impossible and still can be sold in stores. Yes, this game is impossible to beat without cheating. Because the enemies gang up on you and the screen moves to fast and you will crash into a wall very quickly. In this game you are a penis looking object and you have to navigate though a very narrow passage but in this passage the screen moves too fast and does not give you any time to react.

Rating- 0/5

They Came....- No... This isn't a pornographic game with guys jerkin off. This is another bland and boring space shooter, an impossible one at the least. You will only be able to play this game for 1 minute until it crashes and gives you the Black Screen of Death. In the 1 minute, you are a space ship shooting random blocks and you obtain 1ups to boost your score. That's all I can say for now.

Rating- 0/5

Cheetamen- Ahh.... The main game. This game is about the "Action Gamemaster" who gets sucked into the TV while playing cheetaen. Now he has to control the cheetamen using his "Action Gamemaster controller" Did you know that the Action Gamemaster was an unreleased system? If Active interprises released this, they would get a shit load of lawsuits up their ass. The "action game master" was a universal portable system that plays every console in that time. Onto the game. The first level you play as Hercules the fighting cheeta. Yeah right, all he does is poke enemies with maracas. This game has a really major glitch in it, there is only 1 pit in this whole entire game, you know like in mario, those pits that if you fall thorugh you die? Well in cheetamen, if you fall through the pit then you magicly end up in level 10, where there is no map but just a pink screen and cheetamen, and a 1-up. The 1-up does nothing. Next screen is level 15 ,just a shit-load of fuck, it's just a broken ass level all it is, is just green and silver pixels scattered all over the screen and one movement causes you to die. and If you complete this game. Like all other games, it send you back to level 1 upon completetion. No ending, nothing!

Rating- 0.5/5


Graphics- 1/5
Storyline- 0/5
Music/Sound- 3/5        (the Cheetamen theme became a youtube hit and was remixed everywhere and is played at even rave parties)
Gameplay- 0/5

Final Score

1 Heart out of 5.