Welcome to Heart Container!

You are most likely wondering, WHAT THE HELL KIND OF SITE THIS IS???
Well, I'm a big ass fan of screw attack and AVGN so I thought about making my own site for Video Game Reviews

Here, You will find Game reviews for almost all systems from Atari to the PS3.

Updated 3/7/09

Made In China segment Created....

2 reviews made, only millions more to go.

Updated 3/1/09

Holy Fwack!

Start of a new month!

A new tab has been made and he have another guest reviewer! Welcome Aboard Purgy!

Updated 2/24/09

I added the link to 2 of my affiltrates.

And Vini's Snes Corner has been added, thanks so much for letting me use your reviews!

Updated 2/23/09

Reviews have been updated and several new tabs have been made!

Also, i'd like for Heart Container to have more people.
Just give me some time to make a forum.

Updated 2/22/09

Heart Container was created!

C-Box has been added!
Chat away!